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My research interests are interdisciplinary, drawing from and contributing to political science, development economics, anthropology, sociology, religious studies and linguistics. What’s more, I utilise a variety of research methods including ethnographic observation, in-depth interviews, focus groups as well as qualitative data analysis. As a Vietnamese speaker, I am often based in South East Asia for fieldwork but also engage with transnational and global social phenomena such as rural livelihoods, migration and neoliberalism. My ongoing research interests include:

  • Undocumented Vietnamese migrants in the UK
  • Impact of religious transformation on grassroots development
  • Non-national histories and millenarianism in upland South East Asia
  • Ethnic and religious politics in Vietnam
  • ‘Citizen aid’ or ‘peer-to-peer development’
  • Sociolinguistics of Vietnamese language

Selected Publications (see full list on my CV)

Ethnic politics of millenarian movements
Commodification of culture
Neoliberalism in Vietnam’s hiighlands

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