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I believe in the importance and potential of research for informing and achieving effective social interventions, and the impact of my collaborations with non-academic partners was recognised by the ESRC award of my Postdoctoral Impact Innovation Fellowship at University of Warwick in 2020.

DIY Development: A Best Practice Toolkit

As our world becomes increasingly globalised, ‘development’ is no longer seen as the exclusive job of governments and professionals, but something which ordinary citizens can take the lead on. The past 30 years have seen a huge increase in the number of small-scale non-profit organisations, who face unique opportunities and challenges to traditional NGOs. Drawing from cutting-edge academic research as well as my own experience, I have developed an innovative training website which promotes best practice through engaging self-assessment surveys and signposts to further resources.

Other impact activities

In 2017 I co-founded a non-profit rural livelihoods development initiative called Hmongdom, building on insights emerging from my PhD research on poverty, ethnic discrimination and transnational dynamics within a marginalised minority in Vietnam’s highlands, which since been awarded with over £15,000 of funding and has expanded operations. In addition, my other impact activities and public engagement include English and Vietnamese language news articles, podcasts and secondary school engagement, many of which can be accessed below:

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